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flower Healing Facial

60 min

Love your skin. Powerful natural botanicals and healing essences work to cleanse, hydrate, revitalise and balance; combined with a soul soothing aromatherapy facial massage, the result is an inner calm and stress-free skin that glows with radiant good health.

Buddhist Singing Bowl

Tibetan Healing Facial

75 minutes

Experience a new level of wellness, with this unique Ayurvedic inspired healing ritual. With gentle strokes, Kansa – the sacred healing metal of India – gently harmonises and re-charges the aura, smoothing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin. Mineral rich Ayurvedic clays refine and purify the skin while the healing tones of Tibetan singing bowls clear and energise your chakras. The result is a powerful sense of complete healing, that delivers total well-being and radiant, silky soft skin.



Elixir Infuse

45 minutes

Re-discover a sparkling clear, healthy complexion with our powerful infusion of active botanical Elixir, anti-oxidants, plant based collagen together with pure vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid that boosts hydration levels and nourishes the complexion. A facial massage using jade rollers stimulates lymphatic drainage points to refresh the skin. With regular use, you’ll feel renewed and revitalised with that healthy glow everyone admires.


Purity Cleanse 

60 min

This deep cleansing facial reduces excess oil, balances the complexion and refines the pores; leaves skin both smooth and calm. Best for problematic (acne) and congested skin types.

A man having message treatment

The Divine Goddess

(With Matrigel & Myoxinol Collagen)

(wrinkles & ageing skins) 

90 min

Discover your inner Goddess with nature’s most powerful wrinkle remover – found in the beautiful Hibiscus flower. This natural beauty secret works like Botox to smooth dynamic wrinkles and banish fine lines. Combined with your choice of Express Active massage mask this divine facial is a fountain of youth, revealing a new, younger you – Awaken your Goddess.

A woman getting facial masked

Express Facial

30 min

Our Express Facials are designed to give you a great pick-me-up, and include a customised serum tailored to your skin type, making it perfect for both a start up facial and regular maintenance.


Face Scrub

Berry Peel

45 minutes

This amazing peel is imbeded with antioxidants and an exfoliating enzyme. It’s energising and refreshing, giving the skin a youthful glow, and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. It also strengthens the skin, making it soft, smooth and supple while improving cell renewal.

Teen Ritual 

45 minutes

Teens from 12- 18

The Teen Ritual is a 45-minute skin treatment designed specifically for teenagers aged 12 to 18.
It addresses common skin concerns among teens, such as blemishes, breakouts, and clogged pores. 
The ritual includes a comprehensive set of steps, starting with a double Cleanse to thoroughly clean the skin, followed by Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. the process also involves gentle Extractions if needed to clear out any impurities, a soothing Mask application, and the use of LED therapy.
This specialised treatment aims to help teens achieve clearer and healthier-looking skin by targeting their unique skin needs.

The Teen Ritual offers an effective and tailored skincare solution for adolescents seeking to improve their complexion.

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Green Satin

Complimentary consultation 

 15-minute consultation with our skin therapists to help you achieve the best results.

-Unsure of where to start or which facial treatment suit your skin goal? Please book our 70 Min Consultation- customised treatment. 

One of our core principles is to perform a thorough skin consultation and prescription before each skincare or high-performance facials treatment. By doing so, we gain valuable insights into your skin's condition, understand your specific concerns, and customise a treatment plan that is perfectly suited to your skin's requirements.

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