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Massage & Body Pamper

Leave your worries aside and prepare to be pampered during the lush experience of a lifetime with us. Enjoy an enchanting setting, warm and inviting staff and explore all the amazing treatments available. Our entire team is devoted to calming your mind, body and soul.

Back Massage
Body Glow
3 hrs 

Feet Relief

Start with an epsom salt foot soak 


Followed by full body Dry Brushing exfoliation


Relaxing 75 min full body massage to release tension held in the body, using personally blended essential oils to suit you


A body conditioning creams treatment applied with long rhythmical movements to smooth and refine the whole body


Finish with a mini facial tailored to your skin type, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.

Not So Typical Back Treatment


A refreshing back steam and exfoliating peel, followed by a nourishing and moisturising mask to repair and restore the skin.

Back Therapy

Complete with a calming 30 min Swedish back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and scalp massage to release stress and tension


Follow with a mini facial tailored to your skin type, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.



Foot Spa Restore treatment, feet will be soaked with rose petals and epsom salts to sooth and soften, finished with moisturise massage on

2 hrs 
Salts Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Harmony Hot Stone

Body Therapy

Hot stone therapy melts away tension and eases muscle stiffness, increases circulation and metabolism. The hot stones have a healing effect that can relieve chronic pain and reduce stress, while promoting deep relaxation.

75 minutes $185

90 minutes $216

120 minutes $276

  Pregnancy Massage 

For the mother to be, a gentle massage ​treatment to release muscular tension and discomforts during pregnancy.


Pregnancy massage can also help to reduce stress, relax and  increase blood circulation. It can also improve mood, lower anxiety and improve sleep.

Each session is customised to suit your needs.​

               75 mins $160

              90 mins $210



Pregnant Woman in Underwear
Body Massage
 Massage Therapy

Relax and unwind with the ultimate full body Swedish massage.

This treatment will release muscular tension

and stimulate the nervous system, encouraging lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation.

Each session is customised to suit your needs.

 Couples, massage available

               120 mins $210

              90 mins $150

               60 mins $120


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